Wine Nouart Aznuni Khindoghni 0.75 l

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Volume: 0.75 l
Color: red
Type: dry
Alcohol: 12%
Year: 2014
Producer: PE "Melson Sargsyan"
Produced in Armenia

Nouart Aznuni is named after a matron of one of the noble families of Khachen Princedom. It is made from the local Khindoghni grape and preserves the rich traditions of Artsakh winemaking. The unique grape selection and production method make this a special drink that will speak to you delicately.

Nouart Aznuni is distinct due to the supple mounth-coating astringency accompained by subtle taste of plum and pepper aroma proudly made with no artificial additives. It pairs well with sharp cheeses, steak, apricots & a good book.

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