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Intellectual board game: You should explain as many words to your teammates as possible only in a minute.
You should read and explain the words in Armenian for all age groups.
The minimum number of participants is 4, the maximum: unlimited.
You should try to speak Armenian without using foreign words.
You can play with friends, family members, etc. You can even organize "intellectual battles" between different generations.
The game rules
One of the team members should pull a card and explain to his teammates the 7 words written in the card without using related words or the translated variants. In case of guessing the word, you will gain1 point.
You are given only a minute to accomplish the task.The time is counted by an hourglass which you can find in the box.
The game consists of 301 cards with Armenian simple and compound nouns, verbs, adjectives, word combinations, proper nouns.
This intellectual board game is guaranteed by the State Language Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education and Science of RA.
6 400AMD
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